A par four easily reachable, with a well-placed tee shot; setting up a possible birdie. A Storm drain runs along the hill on the left of the fairway and a lake to the right. The drive should be right of center of the fairway in order to get a good view of the green for the second shot.

Caution :

Green is medium fast so be sure to be ahead of the flag, while putting.


A short hole. The tee shot has to be played onto the green across a 50 feet gorge with water. A storm drains runs along the far slope which will trap the ball if you hit over the green.

Caution :

Watch out for the strong sidewind.


This is a tight par four with a dogleg. Play the Tee shot close to the edge of the bunker. A good fairway shot from there shall carry you to the green.

Caution :

Watch out for the storm drain on the left and a big fairway bunker about 80 yards from the green.


A long par four laid in a narrow valley with generally a strong wind tunnel affect. Tee shot should be played over the trees on the left half of the fairway in order to avoid the water hazard on your right. Avoid the fairway bunkers on the left for your second shot. Stay short of the pin as the green is sloping upwards.


Tee off is across a 30 yards wide gorge with the fairway is wearing left. The second and third shorts should ideally be played with a draw. There is a midway cafe to the left of the green.


An easy straight par four, but watch out for the treacherous bunker on left just short of green. Avoid over hitting the green.


A tough par 4. You need a long drive. Second shot is across a 40 yards wide lake. Avoid a half hearted shot otherwise you may be fishing for your Golf ball in the lake.

Caution :

Watch out for the wind.


A long par 3 with a bunker at the top of the green should you overshoot. Watch out for the bunker on the left. The green is undulating and has a fairly stiff slope to the top.


The most challenging par 5 with two dog legs. Keep your drive well to the right in order to get a clear second shot. The road and the Driving Range on your left, the clubhouse and the road along the right of the fairway and around ninth green is out of bounds.