A fabled landscape

Forest Hill Resort is designed amidst raw nature, green surroundings and sprawling landscape. Being away from the never ending noise of the city, here you will experience the bliss of living in a quiet place. The cool breeze rustling the leaves on the tree, birds singing sweet tunes, open blue sky to look during the day and never ending stargazing at night will fill your heart to the brim with happiness and peace. Welcoming energy and a range of relaxing spaces to calm your troubled mind and soul, experience the highest level of comfort, service and cuisine at Forest Hill Resort.

Inspired By Nature

Evergreen hedges, a large seating terrace, wooded areas and shade-loving plants accessed through a secure gate of Forest Hill Resort will give you a sense of security and freedom to explore your true personality without a worry. The area has a distinct character, offering a unique way of living and championship golf course for those looking for more than just a weekend getaway. A paradise for gourmet lovers, the restaurants fascinate the visitors with master culinary skills. Open to all and child friendly, the concierge is available round the clock to take bookings, recommend nearby trails/activities and deal with any queries that you might have. With expert knowledge of Forest Hill Resort and a plethora of activities and indulgences, they are ready to serve you in the right manner. The resort is not just for relaxation but also allows you to entertain your guests in a royal way at the banquet hall and vast open grounds. Make most of your time away from home at Forest Hill Resort and develop a taste of good life.